2019 Masterclass Timetable

Dumbarton Academy – SQA Masterclasses

April/May 2019

Subject N5 Higher/Advanced Higher
PE   Wednesday 24th April – P5&6
Mr Connelly
Admin & IT Wednesday 24th April – P3&4
Mrs Murray
Wednesday 24th April – P1&2
Mrs Edwards
Music Thursday 25th April – P 3&4 Mr Boyle Thursday 25th April –
P 1&2 Miss Forrest
Politics   Monday 29th April – P3&4 & 2.45-3.15pm (between papers)
Mr Creaney
Practical Metalwork Monday 29th April – P 3&4
Mr Maclennan  
Human Biology   Monday 29th April – P 1&2
Miss Dewar
Biology Tuesday 30th April – P 1&2
Mrs Weir
Music Tech Tuesday 30th  – P1&2 Mr Boyle  
Modern Studies Tuesday 30th May – P 5-7 Mr McDevitt/Mrs McKay Wednesday 1st May – 8.00-8.45am & 10.45-11.15am
(between papers)
Mrs McKay
Maths Thursday 2nd May P3-6
Mrs Oliver, Mrs Pacher,
Mr Keany & Mrs Fitzpatrick
H – Wednesday 1st May P3-6 Mrs Oliver & Mrs Davidson

AH -Wednesday 1st May – P3-6
Mrs Pacher
Hospitality Wednesday 1st May – P 3&4 Ms Cairns  
Friday 3rd May – P 3&4
Mr Arnott
Spanish Friday 3rd May – P 3&4
Miss McGunnigle
H/AH – Friday 3rd May – P5&6
Miss McGrotty
English Wednesday 8th May – P 1&2
Miss Dover, Miss Myers & Mrs Whyte
Tuesday 7th  May – P1&2
Miss O’Brien & Miss Dover
Chemistry Thursday 9th May – P1&2
Mr Berrie
Thursday 9th May – P 3&4
Mr Berrie
History Monday 13th May P 3&4
Mr Creaney
Monday 13th May P 3&4
Miss Dillon
French Monday 13th May P 3&4
Mr Barul
Physics Wednesday 15th May – P 2&3
Mr McLean
Tuesday 14th May – P 5&6
Mr McLean
Business Management Wednesday 15th May – P 5&6
Miss McKinlay
Wednesday 15th May – P 1-4
Mrs Murray
Design & Manufacture Thursday 16th May – P 3&4
Mr Maclennan
Graphic Communication Tuesday 21st May – P 3&4
Mr Maclennan
H/AH Tuesday 21st May – P3&4
Miss Cunningham
Computing Science Tuesday 21st May – P 1&2
Mr Alam
Tuesday 21st May – P1&2
Mr Penny
Health &
  Tuesday 21st May – P5-7
Ms Cairns
Art & Design Wednesday 22nd May – 1-3pm
Ms Lindsay & Mr Gallagher
Wednesday 22nd May – 1-3pm
Mrs Grant
RMPS   Monday 27th May – 8.00am-9.00am & 11.15-11.45am (between papers)
Geography Tuesday 28th May – P1-4
Miss McKeown
Tuesday 28th May – 8.00am – 9.00am & 10.50-11.20am (between papers)
Mr McDevitt
Psychology Tuesday 28th May – P5&6
Miss Dunbar
Wednesday 29th May – P1-3
Miss Dunbar

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