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S4-S6 Senior Phase Option Choices

The senior phase option choices are available to view below, links to the google forms and the senior phase options booklet will show below when available.

Current S4 in to S6 Column Structure – http://www.dumbarton-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Option-Column-Structure-2024.pdf

Senior Phase Options Booklet – http://www.dumbarton-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Senior-Phase-Booklet-2024.pdf

College Course Choices – http://www.dumbarton-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/College-Courses-2024.pdf

Subject Personalisation and Careers Event

At this time in the academic calendar, we are planning our curriculum structure for session 2023/24.  As part of this process our learners will be involved in curriculum personalisation where they will select subjects, they wish to study for next year. Please see below for further information on the process for this is detailed in our video:

Our partners have also provided us with some very informative videos/weblinks in supporting your child to further areas of study beyond school.  If you have any questions regarding the options process please do not hesitate to contact your child’s pastoral care teacher.

Scottish Apprenticeships Youtube channel

Skills Development Scotland YouTube Channel

Strathclyde Uni

European Circuits

Electrical Engineering


Structural Engineering


British Marine Scotland

Fitness Instructor

Civil Engineering

Senior Phase Interim Assessment Timetable

Below is the senior phase Interim assessment timetable.

Monday 17 January
EnglishNational 5Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation09:00 – 10:00Games Hall & Assembly Hall113
EnglishNational 5Critical Reading10:30 – 12:00Games Hall & Assembly Hall113
Modern StudiesHigher113:00 – 14:45Games Hall8
Modern StudiesHigher215:00 – 16:15Games Hall8
Tuesday 18 January
Modern StudiesNational 5  N/a09:00 – 10:55Assembly Hall12
Administration and ITHigher Paper 109:00 – 10:30Games Hall18
GeographyNational 5  N/a09:00 – 11:00Assembly Hall30
Administration and ITHigherPaper 213.20 – 14:50F180 / F18318
FrenchNational 5Reading and Writing13:20 – 14:50S10119
FrenchNational 5Listening15:00 – 15:30S10119
Wednesday 19 January
Applications of MathematicsNational 51 Non-calculator09:30 – 10:20Assembly Hall18
Applications of MathematicsNational 5210:55 – 12:35Assembly Hall18
MathematicsNational 51 Non-calculator09:30 – 10:30  Games Hall & Assembly Hall84
MathematicsNational 5211:00 – 12:30Games Hall & Assembly Hall84
Practical CookeryNational 5N/a13.20 – 14.20Games Hall17 
Thursday 20 January
Business ManagementNational 5  N/a09:00 – 11:00Games Hall28
Graphic CommunicationNational 5  N/a09:00 – 11:00Games Hall10
Computing ScienceNational 5  N/a09:00 – 10:30Games Hall12
RMPSHigherPaper 211:45 – 12:30Games Hall7
PhysicsNational 5  N/a13:20 – 15:05Games Hall34
RMPSNational 5  N/a13:20 – 15:40Games Hall4
RMPSHigherPaper 113:20 – 15:35Games Hall7
Friday 21 January
EnglishHigherReading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation09:00 – 10:30Games Hall & Assembly Hall70
EnglishHigherCritical Reading11:00 – 12:30Games Hall & Assembly Hall70
SpanishNational 5Reading and Writing13:20 – 14:50S101 & S10229
SpanishNational 5Listening15:00 – 15:30S101 & S10229
Administration and ITNational 5N/a13:20 – 15:20F1837
Physical EducationHigherN/a13:20 – 15:50Games Hall30
Monday 24 January
HistoryHigherBritish, European and World History09:00 – 09:45Games Hall13
HistoryHigherScottish History11:00 – 12:30Games Hall13
HistoryNational 5N/a09:00 – 10:35Games Hall35
PhysicsHigherN/a09:00 – 11:00Assembly Hall17
Art and DesignHigherN/a13:20 – 14:35Games Hall19
MusicNational 5N/a13.20 – 15.05Assembly Hall8
Tuesday 25 January
Design and ManufactureNational 5  N/a09:00 – 10:45Assembly Hall11
Design and ManufactureHigher N/a09:00 – 11:15Assembly Hall6
BiologyNational 5N/a09:00 – 10:45Games Hall29
Human BiologyHigherN/a09:00 – 11:00Games Hall16
Business ManagementHigherN/a13:20 – 16:05Assembly Hall20
Physical EducationNational 5N/a13:20 – 14:05Games Hall45
Wednesday 26 January
MathematicsHigher1 Non-calculator09:15 – 10:30Games Hall39
MathematicsHigher211:00 – 12:30Games Hall39
MathematicsAdvanced HigherNon Calculator09:00 – 10:00Games Hall6
MathematicsAdvanced Higher210:30 – 12:30Games Hall6
Art and DesignNational 5  N/a13:20 – 14:20Games Hall16
Music Higher  N/a13:20 – 14:20Assembly Hall15
GeographyHigherPhysical and Human Environments13:20 – 14:35Games Hall17
GeographyHigherGlobal Issues and Geographical Skills14:45 – 15:35Games Hall17
Thursday 27 January
 Chemistry National 5 N/a 09:00 – 10:45 Games Hall34
 Graphic  Communication  Higher N/a 09:00 – 11:30 Games Hall7
 Graphic   Communication Advanced  Higher N/a 09:00 – 11:30 Games Hall5
 Politics Higher1 09:00 – 10:05 Assembly Hall13
 Politics Higher2 11:15 – 12:30 Assembly Hall13
 French Higher / A Higher Reading and Directed    Writing 09:00 – 11:00 S101 / S102 (1hr 30 for AH)5 + 3
 French Higher / Listening 11:30 – 12:00* S101   (1hr 20 for AH)5 + 3
 ChemistryHigher N/a13:20 – 15:50 Games Hall26
Friday 28 January
Morning or All Day  
Art & Design PracticalAllN/AAll dayArt Department 
SpanishHigherReading and Directed Writing09:00 – 11:00S1018  
SpanishHigherListening11:30 – 12:00S1018
SpanishAdvanced HigherReading and Translation09:00 – 10:30S1023
SpanishAdvanced HigherListening and Discursive Writing11:00 – 12:20S1023
Monday 31 January
 PE Practical     AllN/A   All day   PE Department            76

Senior Phase Apprenticeship Event – 18th February

Working4U and WCS are holding an online Apprenticeship Event on Thursday 18th February at 6pm.

We have created an Eventbrite page where parents and pupils can book their free place by clicking on the link:


The event will be on Thursday 18th  February 2021, 6pm -7pm.

The purpose of the event is to provide information to parents and pupils (current S4, S5 & S6) who are considering a Foundation Apprenticeship as part of their options choice or considering leaving school and undertaking a Pathway Apprenticeship or MA.

Senior Course Choice

At this time of year in the academic calendar we at Dumbarton Academy are planning our curriculum structure for session 2021-2022.   

In order to stagger the options process and allow Pastoral Care staff enough time to contact all students, the S3 in to S4 options will begin later.   Our S3 report cards will be sent home by the end of February. Pupils will then have the opportunity to complete option choices (google form) by Friday 5th March. Pastoral Care interviews will conclude by the end of March.

Unfortunately our very successful Curriculum Personalisation and Careers Evening will not be able to run this year.  However, as part of our support for you and your child we will have information available on our website. There are also links to the WDC website which will include information from local employers, colleges and universities to give you further advice on possible routes of study. 

Link to google form for pupil choices –

S4 in to S5 choices

S5 in to S6 choices

Information on College courses and foundation apprenticeships

Online Safety – Information for parents, pupils and staff.


West Dunbartonshire Child Protection Committee is asking parents, carers and members of the public to be ever vigilant about children’s safety online.

This message is in response to of increased concerns from Police Scotland about online child abuse crimes and an increase in the number of people accessing self-help resources to stop online child sexual abuse during lockdown.

As children and young people spend more time online there is an increase in the risk of them seeing something which isn’t intended for them, be targeted by cyberbullies or online criminal offenders.  Families and communities being aware of the risks and helping prepare children and young people to be vigilant can be the first and necessary step in staying safe online.

There are lots of organisations which provide advice on understanding the risks and helping to keep children safe. They also offer support and confidential helplines for anyone with concerns about, or affected by online abuse or cyberbullying.  Links to some of these organisations can be found on the West Dunbartonshire Child Protection Committee website http://www.wdhscp.org.uk/public-protection/child-protection

You can report online crime to Police Scotland:

  • by telephone 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency)
  • in person at any police station

You can also report a crime anonymously online with Crimestoppers

If you are unsure whether someone’s behaviour online is a crime or not call 101.  This is a non-emergency police line that can offer advice on what you can report as a crime.  You can also visit the Youth Hub on Police Scotland website for advice www.scotland.police.uk

Public information on online safety

Information for parents about online safety

Information for seconday pupils about online safety

General Guidance