Modern Studies

Modern Studies Staff

Mr P. Creaney (PT Humanities)

Mrs A. Mackay

Mr M. Hanvey (Depute Head Teacher)

Welcome to Dumbarton Academy’s Modern Studies Department! Modern Studies makes sure that you know what is happening in the world around you – and are ready to help shape it too.

By studying Modern Studies you will soon learn more about contemporary life in Scotland, Britain, Europe and the wider world. You will also get the chance to develop a range of skills, including analysis, synthesis and critical thinking.

Modern Studies qualifications are respected and valued by employers, colleges and universities and can help you into various careers, including policing, social work, local government, journalism, law and the civil service.

Modern Studies at Dumbarton Academy gives you a chance to learn about a range of different topics, and also to gain useful qualifications too.

  • Scottish Parliament
  • Participation and representation
  • Mock Election
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • China
  • The USA
  • Terrorism
  • The Development Gap
  • Pressure Groups
  • The Media
  • China – Project

National 4/5 (S4-S6)

  • Social Issues – Crime and Law
  • Political Issues – Democracy in Scotland
  • International Issues – Global Power: The USA or Global Issue: Terrorism
  • Personal research project – Assignment or Added Value Unit

Higher (S5-S6)

  • Social Issues – Crime and Law
  • Political Issues – Democracy in Scotland and the UK
  • International Issues – World Issues: Terrorism
  • Personal research project - Assignment

The internet provides a range of helpful websites, and teachers will direct pupils to these for specific activities and tasks. However some generally useful guides – especially for S4-S6 are found below:

BBC Bitesize – National 5 Modern Studies
BBC Bitesize – Higher Modern Studies
SQA Past Papers