Mrs S. Smith (0.8 Curriculum Leader)

Mrs S Weir (0.2 Curriculum Leader)

Mr M. McLean

Miss S. Belshaw

Mr A. Berrie

Ms L. Dewar

Mr G. Mackay (Deputy Head Teacher)

Miss R. Khan

Courses we offer:
Science BGE
S1: (Level 3 outcomes)
  • Introducing Science
  • Matter
  • Hot Science
  • Photosynthesis
S2: (Level 3 outcomes)
  • Rocks
  • Forces and Light
  • Biological Systems and Cells
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Electricity
  • DNA and Microbes
S3 (Level 3 and 4 outcomes)
  • S3 Chemistry
  • S3 Biology
  • S3 Physics
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