Welcome to the English Department

Our BGE and Senior Phase courses in English promote the development of critical and creative thinking as well as competence in listening and talking, reading, writing, and interpersonal skills- all of which are so important in life and in the world of work. (Education Scotland)

We aim for our young people to be able to communicate effectively both face-to-face and in writing. We give our young people opportunities to write in a variety of forms and contexts and for a range of purposes. Our learners are also given opportunities to build relationships and interact and engage with each other through talking and listening activities, including: group discussions and individual presentations.

Our learners will study a range of texts and literature- including Scottish Literature- to allow them to develop their analytical thinking and understanding of language as well as an appreciation of their cultural heritage.

Staff Members

Mrs A. Holmes (0.8 Curricular Leader for Languages)

Miss C. O’Brien

Miss K. Dover(0.2 Curricular Leader for Languages)

Dr J. Henderson

Mrs L. O’Shea

Miss E Williamson

At Dumbarton Academy we offer the following courses:

  • S1-S3 BGE English and Literacy
  • N3 English and Literacy
  • N4 English and Literacy
  • N4 and N5 Media
  • N5 Literacy (Units only)
  • N5 English
  • Higher English
  • Advanced Higher English